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The most fruitful approach to acquiring the citations your enterprise website needs is to be more artistic as well as more scientific than your competitors are when it comes to content development. From the development of videos, production of survey and research data, to the creation of long-form articles, the higher quality and more diverse your content assets, the more opportunities you’ll have to acquire Web-based citations. But creating or developing content isn’t nearly enough, publishing (distributing and marketing) that content is where the best separate their enterprises from the competition and how they find their sites in such rewarding locations on the search results.

Essentially, it’s time to rethink SEO entirely, adopting an all but tried-and-true method used for many years to raise awareness before the Web, as you know it now, was ever even imagined. SEO isn’t dead (yet), but digital public relations (DPR) is alive and well. And when it comes to public relations in the digital world, a creative and nearly scientific audience outreach strategy is going to prove to be absolutely everything. Fortunately for you, in this month’s Mastering Search column with Website Magazine, that’s just what you’ll find.


Outreach is a term that is often bandied about the search engine optimization industry in discussions of building links. The reason is that the more effective the outreach (the methods, tactics and strategies you use to identify, contact and manage those relationships that can result in links) the more effective the overall link building campaign and SEO efforts will be. Over time, you’ll end up acquiring links for the benefit of your enterprise, which by their very nature are capable of sending Internet visitors to a website. That’s the dream, and it’s not such a far off reality.

Keep in mind that links don’t typically build themselves or emerge from the digital ether. While an elite few will be able to generate the necessary number of citations by their mere presence, as a result of creating the best products for example, or being part of a broader network which exchanges links with itself, the rest are going to have to work at it. That means you’ll need to work tirelessly in pursuit of those opportunities — understanding who is leading the conversation and setting its tone, gaining the attention of those link prospects in whatever way necessary and maintaining positive interactions. It should be done thoughtfully, respectfully and tactfully, and when done well, you will you be able to secure placement for competitive keywords over the long term. Fortunately, it’s a whole lot easier thanks to social media.

- See more at: http://www.websitemagazine.com/content/blogs/posts/pages/outreach-solutions-and-the-new-seo-of-dpr.aspx?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter#sthash.pNAPnQeD.dpuf